With a new Star Trek movie about to open, here’s a look back at some Star Trek attractions that are no longer with us:

Paramount Pictures Star Trek Adventure – Universal Studios Tour 1998-1994





“Based on one of the most popular series on television, Star Trek® Adventure is our latest and greatest live-action show. At each performance, members of the audience are selected to join Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in battling Klingons, fantastic space creatures and alien superbeings. Then only minutes later, you see these scenes videotaped and edited into actual Star Trek footage. You may go in a spectator and come out a star!”

Replaced Screen Test Theater, replaced by The Flintstones Show

The Screen Test Home Video Adventure – Universal Studios Florida 1991-1996


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From Wikipedia – “The Screen Test Home Video Adventure was an interactive, upcharge experience which opened in March 1991. Guests were given the opportunity to star in one of two 10-minute films: Your Day at Universal Studios or The Star Trek Adventure. They would dress in costumes before being filmed in front of a blue screen. The final video could then be purchased by the guests for $29.95 plus tax. It was closed November 11, 1996, and replaced by The Islands of Adventure Preview Center the following year.”

Star Trek The Experience – Las Vegas Hilton 1998-2001





The attraction opened with two identical versions of a trip through the Enterprise and escape on a shuttle, Museum of the Future, and the Deep Space Nine Promenade, featuring Quark’s restaurant.  One of the Enterprise experiences was converted to a port of Bremen’s Star Trek attraction and dubbed Borg Invasion 4D, while the original Vegas walkthrough and ride was renamed Klingon Encounter.  The attraction closed after Cedar Fair purchased Paramount Parks and the contract with CBS expired.

Star Trek Borg Encounter – Space Center Bremen Feb-Sept 2004





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“On a futuristic space station, space travellers will experience the phenomenal Star Trek Borg Encounter. Suddenly, guests encounter the mysterious Borg. Right in the middle of an exciting struggle in the latest 4D vision the situation seems to escalate, with a fast escape into an ejection capsule. Then Captain Janeway approaches with spaceship Voyager and beams the crew out of the danger zone. A must-see for all Star Trek fans!”

An indoor park in Bremen, Germany that included rollercoasters, a Stargate simulator, an IMAX 3D theater, and the Borg Encounter, Space Center Bremen was unable to make projected attendance figures, in part due to the inability of the large mall it inabited, Space Park Bremen, of attracting other tenants.

Borg Assimulator – Carowinds 2004-2008


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A Bolliger and Mabillard Flying Coaster, the ride was the first of its kind.  Originally opened at Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA in 2000 as Stealth, it was relocated to Carrowinds in South Carolina three ways later to make room for a waterpark.  Once at the new park, it was rechristened the Borg Assimulator tying in to park owner Paramount’s Star Trek property.  A giant Borg sphere was added as a scenic feature.  In 2008, after Paramount sold its parks to Cedar Fair and the licensing agreement with CBS expired, the Borg theming was removed and the ride renamed Nighthawk.



….So now that the franchise has rebooted with two hit films, wouldn’t you say it’s time for another attraction?  There are plans in the works for Paramount Parks in Spain and the UK.  A traveling exhibition has been selling out at museums worldwide.  But a planned reboot of the Vegas Hilton attraction in that city’s downtown never took place and most of the props from the original attraction were auctioned off.  What will it take Paramount?