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…to eat it?


InternationalFest_BD (1)

That’s right.  Look at the students of the Savannah College of Art and Design hit the streets dancing and celebrating.  Cause there’s nothing more exciting than a campus takeover by the TEA!!   And just look who’s gonna be at SCAD for the two day party fest known as SATE ’13:

  • Donald Marinelli, founder of Carnegie Mellon’s ETC.  He’s gonna pull a brain meld with everyone on campus.  Don’t know what a brain meld is? Watch Star Trek.  Or attend SATE ’13.  It’s got something to do with using both parts of your brain at once.
  • Adam Bezark, who will tell stories about storytelling.
  • Al Cross, an architect and a themed entertainment designer.  Egads.  They can be one in the same.
  • Jonathan Douglas, another architect who uses architecture to tell stories.  Because you can never have too many architects at a design school.
  • Mk Haley.  She works for Disney and she’s able to deconstruct the power of Santa without making him look too evil.  Take a look:
  • Electrosonic’s Bryan Hinckley and Paul Kent.  They’re following Mk Haley.  Hopefully they’ll have flashy lights and mind bending projections.
  • Phil Hettema.  Phil’s been getting high lately.  And not like the college students.  His company’s been designing the observation deck at the new World Trade Center and the world’s highest observation wheel in Las Vegas.
  • Dave Cobb of Thinkwell is presenting on cosplay.  Will he come dressed as Sailor Moon or Master Chief?
  • Jake Barton of Local Projects will speak about engaging the audience in public spaces.  My recommendation – food trucks.
  • Roger Gould and Liz Gazzano of Pixar are the folks who work with Disney’s Imagineers on bringing Pixar’s properties to life.  They’ve worked on the cruise ships, hotels and resorts.  And for these two, a proper dive means the Finding Nemo pool at the Art of Animation Resort.

We also expect Thinkwell’s Craig Hanna to be there.  His sole purpose – to keep Adam Bezark and Dave Cobb from getting within five feet of each other.  Should he fail, the two will morph into the giant two-headed entity known as Zarkobb.

Learn more about how you can party down at SATE ’13, hosted by SCAD and presented by Christie by visiting the conference blog.


Here’s a fantastic video from 1984 that takes a behind the scenes look at Epcot’s Computer Central and the WorldKey Information Service.

Behold the power of the laserdisc!